Appraisal Services

Sansome Street Appraisers, Inc., provides business valuation appraisals and fairness opinions for privately-held companies.

Original ESOP Appraisals

Business valuation appraisals are primarily prepared for purposes of establishing the value of stock to be acquired by Employee Stock Ownership Plans. However, the firms engaged by Sansome Street Appraisers, Inc. also appraise the value of private companies for purposes of sale or merger, for estate and gift tax purposes, for purposes of divorce, and for purposes of valuing stock options and other employee stock purchase plans.

Annual Updates

Sansome Street Appraisers have provided ESOP appraisal updates for over 30 years. These appraisers have had extensive experience in explaining ESOP appraisal reports to others who may be involved, such as minority shareholders, Directors, company counsel, company auditors and company lenders. They have also had extensive experience in defending ESOP valuation reports against challenges by the Internal Revenue Service and by the Department of Labor.

Sansome Street Appraisers provide appraisal updates for over 300 companies per year.

Fairness Opinions

Sansome Street Appraisers provides fairness opinions in connection with leveraged purchases of company stock by ESOPs, in connection with the acquisition of company stock from ESOPs by third party buyers, and in connection with the redemption of company stock from ESOPs in connection with plan terminations.